Motwane Lighting

Motwane Lighting

Smart Lighting Solutions Provider

At the forefront of delivering cutting edge electrical test and measurement solutions since 1965 as a trusted brand name in India now, "MOTWANE" provides Smart Lighting Solutions with strong in-house R&D and manufacturing set up.


First step towards Automation

CCMS Controller

CCMS controller along with Wireless Dimming Control Unit saves energy, reduces the repair, maintenance costs...

Dimming Control Unit

Motwane Dimming Control Unit can be easily installed on LED lamps. The Dimming Unit communicate with Motwane Wireless...

Motwane Software

Motwane web-based central management and control software that works in conjunction with Motwane lighting controllers...



Motwane Light Benefits & Features

Financial Benefits
Control & Management
Environment & Wellbeing

Key Features


Specialized lighting solutions with automatic control of lights covering Astronomical time base switch ON/OFF as well as dimming and other rich featured control with Google maps integration.

Weather Resistance

Motwane Smart Lighting was developed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.


In an unlikely case of a system failure manual mode is activated, and lamps will return to 100% brightness.

Reporting and data analysis

Our clients benefit from regular, accurate insights into their energy savings and energy consumption across the system.

Timely Notification

Receive all the updates concerning your lighting network, as well as automatic status updates or failure alert via SMS & E-mail or through software.


Ensure It’s Neverfully Dark

Instead of turning the lights off, It dims them down to a pre-defined level of brightness. It is also possible to turn the lights off completely.

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