Motwane Lighting

Motwane Street Light Benefits

Motwane is focused on providing energy conserving & ROI driven solutions in the area of Smart Lighting Solutions. Motwane Lighting system provides up to 50%+ reduce in energy saving/usage. Converting “Cost” asset to “Value adding” Asset.


Financial Benefits

Energy savings

Dimming based street lights are more efficient along with time- or schedule-based alternatives, because they can be dimmed down to lower levels. This enables significantly higher energy savings and greater cost reduction.

Lower maintenance costs

When combined with Motwane Smart Lighting offers preventive maintenance solution through excellent analytics, failure alerts and a dashboard, allowing reducing the maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Attractive return on investment

It is compatible with LED luminaries which translates into a quick payback and a low cost of ownership, with limited investment


Control & Management

Remote monitoring

With Motwane Cloud Based software you gain access to full asset management through a single dashboard and Achieved historical data.


Receive customized alerts for parameters outside pre-defined thresholds via Email & SMS.


Environment & Safety

Lower CO2 emissions and light pollution

Motwane Smart Lighting enables a significant reduction of energy usage and CO2 emissions. It also lowers the negative impact of light pollution, creating a healthier living environment for humans and wildlife.

Enhanced safety

System ensures that a safe circle of light is always surrounding people, making them feel safe and secure.

Comfortable light levels

Lamps are kept at a minimum brightness level (e.g. 10% of full capacity) as per traffic conditions