Motwane Lighting


CCMS controller & Dimming Control Unit

CCMS Controller

CCMS controller along with Wireless Dimming control unit Saves energy, reduces the repair, maintenance costs and enhances the quality of lighting services. This Reduces CO2 Emission by 50%.

Dimming Control Unit

Motwane Dimming Control Unit can be easily installed on LED lamps. The Dimmig control unit communicate with Motwane Wireless CCMS controller via a highly robust and reliable self-forming and self-healing RF mesh network which communicate with Motwane remote monitoring and management software.

Features common to all Motwane controllers include



Fault Monitoring

Remote Control and Scheduling

Alert Notification

Flexible Dimming Controls

Power Metering


Burn Hours Monitoring & Reporting

Local Intelligence for faster response times and better performance

Local Data Storage in case of communications link failure

How Smart Light controller works